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Network Rail Approval

Top-Of-Rail Friction Management Systems

Whilst Gauge Face and Check Rail Lubrication has been widely practiced for many years, the application of a Top of Rail Friction Modifier is a relatively recent concept in the UK rail industry. After extensive testing and trialing by Network Rail, product acceptance was granted for LB Foster’s  KELTRACK® trackside liquid Friction Modifier under Certificate of Acceptance PA05/03013 in November 2011.

The frictional characteristics of KELTRACK® trackside provide:

  1. A controlled intermediate level friction that reduces curving forces, flange noise, wear, tractive energy consumption and the onset of rail  corrugations without adversely affect braking or traction.
  2. Positive friction characteristics that dramatically reduce wheel squeal and short pitch corrugations.

Top of Rail distribution systems are available for Flat Bottom & Bull Head rail sections, applying KELTRACK® trackside liquid Friction Modifier to either single or dual tracks, with a choice of two or four bar feed systems and a mains or solar power option.

Product Acceptance PA05/03013  
PADS Catalogue References Protector IV 360kg SINGLE Trackside Cabinet 057/055701
  Protector IV 360kg DUAL Trackside Cabinet 057/055702
  Protector IV 90kg Stainless Steel Trackside Cabinet 057/055703
  2 off ML TOR Feed System to suit FB Rail * 057/055704
  2 off BH TOR Feed System to suit BH Rail * 057/055705
  4 off ML TOR Feed System to suit FB Rail * 057/055706
  4 off BH TOR Feed System to suit BH Rail * 057/055707

*  Supplied complete with wheel sensor & brackets to suit.

For more details see our information page or download our PDF brochure.

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