Welcome to LB Foster Rail Technologies (UK) Ltd - Improving the design and supply of products and services required to enhance the performance of rail networks.

Based in Sheffield, UK and part of the LB Foster Group of Companies we are a leading supplier of railway friction management solutions and track component products to the global rail industry.

LB Foster Rail Technologies (UK) Ltd, in conjunction with our sister divisions in Vancouver, Pittsburgh and Montreal, form the Global LB Foster Rail Technologies Group, providing solutions at the wheel/rail interface on five continents. Our in-house R&D, customer support and technical teams have a wealth of industry expertise ensuring our products and services remain at the forefront of innovation.

With extensive experience of High-Speed Commuter, Urban Commuter, Tram, Metro and Freight railway markets LB Foster Rail Technologies offers unrivalled expertise in these core areas of operation.

If you want reliable, innovative products and cost-effective services, LB Foster Rail Technologies (UK) Ltd offers a single source solution for all friction management requirements, insulated joints and railway track products and services.

What we do

Friction Management

  • Electric Trackside Gauge Face Lubricators
  • Top of Rail Friction Management Systems
  • Hydraulic Lubricators
  • Mechanical Lubricators
  • Thin Film Friction Control
  • Traction Enhancement
  • Anti-Icer Equipment

Intelligent Systems

  • Rail Stress
  • RPM
  • WILD

Track Components

  • Insulated Joints
  • Track Fastenings
  • Standard Rail Joints
  • Rail Anchors
  • Direct Fixation Systems
  • Rail Accessories

Technical Support & Services

  • Design Expertise
  • Surveying
  • Installation
  • Lubricator Spares/Maintenance
  • Fault Detection
  • Total Friction Management
  • Training

Our Purpose

Improve the design and supply of products and services required to enhance the performance of rail networks